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Range Planning

We are experts at creating perfect ranges for our customers. We focus on the following points:

High quality

Value for money

Market competitive

Repeat sales

During this process we advise on closure types, specifications, roll counts, SSP, packaging design and product rationalisation to economise their ranges.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis

We carry out monthly market analysis on the major retailers.  Any market movement in price or specification is documented. This information enables our customers to maintain their competitiveness.


Instant pricing

We ensure our customers pay the minimum market price by monitoring resin costs on a daily basis.​

Production costs are fixed for all items which allows for ‘instant pricing’, ​

This is extremely helpful when working with our customers to create new product ranges.

Business Meeting

Product range

We are the largest UK stockists offering an extensive product range with a variety of closures and retail price points.​

Most products come packaged in shelf ready display units

Tensile Test Machine1.png

Quality control

We offer our customers performance standards to ensure quality, product consistency and full traceability. Our testing criteria focuses on the major requirements of strength and elongation for which we have in house testing capabilities on our tensile strength testing machine.​

Our factories have all the required accreditations.

Range Planning

We provide our customers with a one stop shop for all their bin liner and freezer bag requirements due to our technical capabilities over our range of sites.

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