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Vinyl Gloves

•Formed from a synthetically derived polymer material, the Vinyl Glove offers enhanced protection. Commonly used in sectors such as healthcare, motor trade and catering. They’re also Latex free, minimising the chances of allergic reactions

•Vinyl gloves are a popular choice in a broad range of applications where protection and durability is less of a priority and where glove materials needn’t be so thick. These gloves are comfortable and flexible, and are ideal for applications where hygiene is an issue, like care home work and the nursing sector and food preparation to protect against cross contamination. 

•Cost-efficiency is a big benefit of using vinyl gloves, as these have a lower unit cost than latex gloves. Beaded cuffs help make these gloves easy to don and remove, and powder-free means minimal contamination from dust.

•Full compliance with EN 455 1/2/3

Disposable Gloves

Perfect as a low cost option for quick tasks around the home, vehicle repairs and re-fueling.


Disposable aprons, perfect for colouring hair, childrens painting and cooking.

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